Project Pan

Project Pan

I have an obsession fascination with makeup. Ever since I was a kid, I loved getting toy makeup and eventually was allowed to play with real makeup. First it was blue eyeshadow, then dark lipgloss, and soon I was lost in it.

Now I’m rarely seen in public with out some sort of makeup on, and my collection has expanded further than I can actually keep up with.

So the idea of a project pan came to mind.

If you haven’t heard of them before, this is how it goes:

I choose a select number of items, and a period of time. During that time period I cannot buy any more makeup unless I have run out completely of that type. For example, I only have one pressed powder so when I run out I can go buy a new one. But also in that time I have to try my best to use all of the chosen products until they hit “pan”.

To start myself off, I have already canceled my Ipsy subscription; it’s something that hurt me to do but at the moment it is not the best way to use my money. Once I’ve gotten to where my makeup is downsized, I might get back to doing it, or maybe try another makeup subscription service.

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