Largest Project Pan Ever 2017 Update 1


I can’t believe we are already a month into 2017! As always the days of winter go by faster than you can expect and I’m honestly unprepared for spring to get here.

As you saw in my post last month on my Project Panning Goals for 2017, I have about 88 products left to use in my Largest Project Pan Ever. Most of these products are full sized with a sample every now and then, so this part of the project pan is going to get harder.

So far this month, I have only used up/decluttered 10 products. Most of these products are things that I would repurchase again after the project is over, or will have to repurchase because they are the last of a certain type that I have. I hope that you project pans are going better than mine, and please leave me updates in the comments! Continue reading

Reading Goals for 2017

This past year I haven’t read as many books as I normally try to. Usually I finish one a month, but this past year has been insane for everyone, and that has prevented me from enjoying reading. Because of that I didn’t reach my goal for 2016 of having a current reading list of 0.

For 2017, I want that to be my main goal again. I want to get back into reading 12 books a year, because reading is an activity that brings me joy just like writing does. At the moment my current reading list is half of my goal so I want to start there and finish them first before I start anything else.

I’m also going to use some of the habits I had when I was pushing myself to read as many books as I could in a year. For example, my reading marathons on Instagram. On my days off from work, if I’m not working on my blog, I’ll just read one book until I either finish it or my eyes get so tired that my reading glasses aren’t enough.

Also I’m going to be on a no buy for books, just like I am for makeup with my Project Pan. So even though I do visits to Barnes and Noble to see my friends, I am not allowed to buy any. It does also help that Sunshine and I are trying to let go of a lot of our books anyway to make room for the ones we would actually enjoy.

I am still going to be doing the monthly Reading Corner posts at the end of each month to check in and see what I’ve finished and review it. Hopefully there will be more than one book on there, but I’m not going to push it.

So let’s see if I can really finish 12 books in 2017!

What are your reading goals for the year? Let me know in the comments below! Also add me on Instagram to follow what books I’m reading right now.

Project Pan Goals for 2017


Over the last 3 months, I’ve been working on the Largest Project Pan Ever, involving 143 products. By New Years Eve, I have finished 54 of the products in those three months! With most of those items being samples, I’m now working on primarily full sized products, and it’s pretty daunting.

There are some products right now that I’m not seeing much progress on no matter how often I use it, but I’m also having moments where I’m getting bored or frustrated. In those moments of weakness, I have broken the No Buy rule I placed at the beginning of this project pan. To the point where I’ve become Platinum level on my Ulta Rewards.

So for the next year I’m going to push harder on the products I have and try to become creative with them so I can still enjoy them.  To help me focus, I created a list of thing that I want to finish over this year as a part of this project pan.


A. Both of my Essie Nail Polishes

Honestly, I know everyone raves about this polish line but actually hate the formula. It doesn’t apply very well and chips so easily I can’t stand it. Fortunately because of that flaw, I would have to redo my nails every couple of days and get through them pretty quickly.

B. All of my single eye shadows

I have a variety of single shadows, some that are samples from pallets, but I also have two full pallets that I want to work through as well. I feel like it will be easier to go through my single shadows, but I also grab them quicker when I’m busy or am late for work.

C. All Face Masks

We all know I’m a sucker for skin care, especially when I’m stressed out. Because of that I have quite a few masks that are taking up a lot of space on my bathroom counter. Using them will probably be my favorite part of this project pan, but I’m glad I have enough to alternate, because daily masking is the one thing that can get me through my day sometimes.

D. Finish all Lip Balms.

Even though I only have 3 balms at the moment, I’ve recently received a homemade lip balm that works so much better than any of the others that I have. Plus it is insanely satisfying to see a finished lip balm. If I’ve learned anything from this past year is that I will forget to reapply if it isn’t near me, so I will always have it in my pocket or within reach.

E. Finish all Bath & Body Works body lotions.

I’ve used more of my body washes than I have my lotions in the past year, but I’ve gotten into the routine of using them every time I take a shower. Most of my lotions are going on two years old now and I would really like to use them while the scent is still good.

F. Finish my two foundations

If you saw my New Years Eve Instagram post, you know that I’m trying to step away from foundations. It is my least favorite part of doing my makeup and I haven’t been able to find the right foundation for me yet. Plus, my breakouts are not being helped by wearing it anyway. So when I finish these two foundations and my concealer, I’m going to try not wearing foundation for a while.


For this year I am going to try the no buy again. I have way to many bills at the moment for me to be spending money on makeup and skin care. I have everything I can need for now so I should be fine but it’s the stress buying that will be a problem for me. I feel like if I just find a different (read: healthier) way to handle my stress, it will be easier to do the no buy.

I will be keeping track of each product I use on my Instagram as well as trying to keep up with monthly updates on here.

Are you doing any project pans this year? Do you have it on social media or on your own blog? Leave me a link in the comments below.

Largest Project Pan Ever! Update 1


Last month I announced that I was going to do, what I believe to be, the largest project pan ever, which includes 143 items in total. No time limit, just pushing to get them done.

Now that a month has gone by, I have gone through almost all of my samples and have begun to make a dent into the full sized products that I have. Already, I am finding samples that I would purchase full sizes of and full sized items that I wouldn’t purchase again. But, if I’ve learned anything so far, it’s that it is a pain to find the right moisturizer.

Wanna keep an eye on how I’m doing? Follow me on Instagram using the hashtag #largestprojectpanever!

Read more to see how my luck has gone so far.

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The Largest Project Pan EVER


If you read my last post on me cleaning my bathroom, you know that for two hours I wrote down every single beauty related item that I own and filled five pages of a notebook.

Well, I’ve counted the items and I have a total of 143 beauty related items, ranging from hair care to skin care to makeup. It really is insane. I have duplicates of the same type of item, that I don’t need to repurchase anything for a while. On top of that I have over 40 samples in that list of things that I want to try but have yet to purchase full sizes of.

I’ve tried Project Pans before and I failed my last one because after a while I lost interest in it and I wasn’t making a dent with just using those items daily. It was just very limiting for me, but I think that it’s necessary for me to do it now.

So starting today (October 1st) I am doing the largest Project Pan I have ever seen. I intend to use all 143 items until I see pan and can finally throw them out. I don’t want to just straight up declutter because I feel like I am just wasting money, and I know that sounds like a hoarder but I bought these things for a reason and intend to use them. The things I do like I’ll mark down for repurchase when it’s all over.

The ultimate goal for this is to be able to fit all of my beauty items in my makeup case (read: tackle box). This way I have items that I actually use and love and can easily move it when we move into our own place. Also I am intending to save my money, so we can afford our own place and I can go back to school.

The same rules will apply as they would with normal Project Pans. I will not spend any money on beauty items and fully rely on what I have until I completely run out of that item. So if I run out of powder and I don’t have any backups, I can repurchase. I’m not going to list all of the items on here but I will be putting full updates up at the beginning of each month with the list of items that I used, similar to my Reading Corner posts, but in between I will be posting pictures on Instagram each time a finish an item. The flip side is that I’m not giving myself a specific time frame to use it all. I’m not that crazy.


Wish me luck, everyone. I’m going to need it.


Stress Cleaning and Finding Out I’m A Hoarder

Stress Cleaning, Finding I'm a Hoarder


The past month or two has been really stressful for me. My grandmother has been in and out of the hospital, I was in crunch time on finishing a blanket, and my day job is going through major changes where we are put under even more pressure. Now my fiance and I are starting to look for our own place so our budget needs to be a lot tighter than it is.

On a day where I had hit my peak of stress, I decided to start cleaning. I thought that it would be a productive way to get my stress out, and well, my bathroom needed a really good deep clean anyway. The clean itself took me a total of 3 hours to do, and I believe that the bathroom hasn’t been this clean since we moved in a few years ago.

My process of cleaning the bathroom was take everything out of it, clean the room itself and then clean the items as they were brought back into the room. As I was bringing items back into the room I saw that I was putting back container after container of beauty products. Doing this made me physically see the amount of items that I have accumulated over the past couple of years that is just stored in my bathroom. I’ve tried, and failed, with Project Pans before thinking that was a way to get me to use products up, but I realized that I was still purchasing items to use, or try, or just to get the samples that would come with it. (I am a sucker for samples. It’s a problem.)

Physically doing this made be think. How much do I really have here? I often have things that I own hidden in containers and in the cabinets which makes me appear organized. With this thought in mind, I grabbed an empty notebook and wrote down every single beauty product that I owned. Well… took me over two hours to write it all down, and I had filled five pages of the notebook with all of them. A page and a half was nothing but SAMPLES!

This is insane! I physically own a few hundred dollars worth of beauty products of all natures, most of which are in my bathroom closet. I don’t need to buy another beauty product for months, or maybe a couple of years.

I’ve come to the realization, that I’m showing some habits of a hoarder, particularly involving beauty products. That makes me wonder if I’m hoarding in other areas of my life as well. *coughcoughBOOKScoughcough*

I definitely want to keep doing these deep cleans and work on going through items that I have. Every few months I donate my clothes, but I still have way more than I actually wear. I have books that I’ve read once but likely wont read again. With all of this, I really want to downsize and save money.

So to start that off, I’m on an official Beauty-No-Spend. Unless I have to replace an item that I have no backups of that type of item, I am not allowed to buy any sort of beauty products. If I use an item I’m marking it out of the notebook that I have. Having it all written down and going over it often will hopefully keep me in line. But I definitely want to keep you all informed with my journey and how I majorly downsize my beauty items. Keep an eye out for a major Project Pan post soon!

Do you have an type of item that you think you hoard? Or are you more along the line of a minimalist? If you are what is the best way to keep it all down that works for you? Let me know in the comments below.

Reading Corner: September 2016

Reading Corner_Template

It’s finally October! That means it’s time for more spooky themed books! Though I’m excited to start new books, I didn’t get to read through as many as I wanted to last month. Unfortunately, I was only able to read through one book last month, but this was because I needed to finish a blanket for a baby that is actually being born as I’m writing this. Check out what I read in September below! Continue reading