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Starting My Year and a Day Over

At some point, we all go back to square one. To gain hold of our foundation again. For a long time now, I have been saying that I’ve been doing my Year and a Day, but in all honesty. . .

I haven’t.

I’ve been inconsistent on a lot of things lately, especially my Year and a Day. Then I read a post from The Traveling Witch about how inconsistency isn’t a bad thing. Though I do agree with Avery, I have been inconsistent with my learning in general. It has been almost like I am blindfolded and swinging my arms around looking for the door.

I have read through books that were meant to be a framework, or lesson plan, for self-study, but none of the provided the information that I craved. Nor did they do it in a way I could completely follow.

So I’ve decided to create my own Year and a Day.

But what is a Year and a Day?

The idea of the Year and a Day is inspired by the story of Cerridwen and her cauldron. In the story, Cerridwen has a son who is by no means beautiful and in order to help him to be able to find love she created a potion in a cauldron to give him a vast amount of wisdom. For the potion to be complete, it needed to be stirred constantly for a year an a day. For the complete story, here is a good writing of it from Ancient Origins.

Where I’ve had troubles up to this point.

Most, if not all, of the books I have read through so far have been of an eclectic approach and have used a handful of random gods from multiple pantheons. At the core of me, I am a Celtic Pagan and follow the path of the Tuatha de Danaan and other Celtic gods. Unfortunately, most of these books mentions them and other Celtic legends very little if at all. If I want to know anything about them, the only way I will is if I do my research myself.

I have always had issue with the level system that is associated with Wicca. It really doesn’t fit with me, especially since I am solitary. Every book includes an initiation ritual to enter the next level of a coven. Since it doesn’t work for me, a dedication ritual feels like it is enough for me.

My biggest issue has been that the books I was using all take a very shallow approach upon each topic they try to teach. It’s essentially a quick summary of something and an associated “activity” to go with it before it moves on to the next thing. I am the type of person who wants to be as knowledgeable as possible on a topic before I move on to the next thing. I love research and my goal is to have full understanding of each aspect of what I believe and practice.

I decided to start it again on Halloween this year and took my time assessing how I want to approach it. I can only hope that this will bring me to a deeper understanding of who I am and what I believe.

Hopefully by November 1st of 2018, I will be a different person.

Wish me luck


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What’s on my Charm Necklace?

Every woman I have met has their signature item. The one piece of clothing, jewelry, or item that makes them, them. For some it’s their favorite lipstick, or a sentimental ring. For me it’s my necklace.

The necklace I wear everyday tends to attract a little bit of attention. It isn’t a big statement necklace; it’s actually rather small. You wouldn’t notice it unless you heard me walk down a hallway or were standing in front of me. It also isn’t the normal necklace you would find in the jewelry section in Target.

I call it my charm necklace, and the charms I keep on it represent specific things that are important to me but also have a purpose to get me through the day. For the most part, it’s to keep my hands busy when I get anxious to keep me from biting my nails, but there are other purposes.

To get to know me a little better, here are the five items on my charm necklace. Continue reading “What’s on my Charm Necklace?”

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Reading Corner – September 2017

I haven’t been able to read much as of late but this past month I was finally able to finish something.

Everyday Witchcraft: Making Time for Spirit in a Too-Busy World by Deborah Blake

Everyday Witchcraft - Deborah Blake

Living a life where I have a day job, work on this blog, and have the side hustle of book editing through Fiverr; it is difficult to create the time to put aside for my own spirituality. When I picked up this book, I had heard about Deborah Blake and read her articles in different pagan magazines.

The focus of this book is connecting with Spirit in even the most mundane of moments, and has an entire sections on creating 5 minute mini rituals that are easy to incorporate in the day, as well as ways to incorporate magick in your cleaning tasks, and connecting with you chosen Diety regularly. In the final section of the book, she includes a list of amazing Wiccan and Witchcraft books to continue from from the classics of Raymond Buckland and Scott Cunningham to more modern books by Christopher Penzack.

I really enjoyed reading this book and have even put little tabs in it for the sections I want to incorporate more in my life to hopefully bring some balance back. It has amazing tips for taking the steps to make you life more magickal and helps keep it from seeming so daunting a task.

One of the main things that I’m going to begin incorporating into my life is connecting with a Diety. The steps she includes in this section from Chapter 2 are things I know that I am able to do in the small moments of stillness I have within my day. Things as simple as trying to just talk in the morning when I’m drinking my coffee will help me create a connection again, as I have been feeling a little lost as of late, as I used to talk to Diety all the time.

I felt like this book was something I needed at this point of time, to try to help me come back into focus as to who I am and what I want to be.

What have you finished reading this month that has really spoken to you? Please let me know in the comments below, so I can check it out!


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My Fall Essentials


My Fall Essentials

Ever since I was small, autumn has been my favorite season. School was about to start and it wasn’t nearly as hot as it was during the summer. Halloween was in the air, and in the stores, and all things spooky were on the TV. It’s the time of year for warmer sweaters and extra blankets. It feels like home to me. Over the last 25 years I’ve come to have a set group of items that I have around me every autumn that just make the season much better and probably easier for me.

Wood Wick Candles

Though bonfires with friends and family are the picture of summer and autumn nights, many states have a burn ban in effect. As well, in most states it’s still too hot to get your fireplace going. Having a wood wick candle is a perfect substitute since they don’t emit the heat of bonfires but you still have the crackling of burning wood. A lot of stores now carry them and they are often made as soy candles as well, making them a little safer to burn chemically.

My favorite scent for this is the Nature’s Wick candles in the scent Bonfire Nights (pretty obvious huh?). I love the smell of this and the way this brand’s wicks burn are amazing and I haven’t had any popping outside of the candle yet.

Lots of Hot Tea

In my house I am considered the Tea Queen, so much so that I got a tea pot with infuser and a travel container for my teas for Christmas from Sunshine’s parents last year. My mug always has either some sort of herbal tea or coffee in it. I even have a bag of herbal tea bags that I keep in my purse for when I’m at work to drink.

For this time of year, I am usually drinking a detox tea or even a tea meant to help with the immune system as cold and flu season never sleeps. (But I do use these as a supplement to a healthy diet and other things as there is no proof by the FDA of the help of herbal teas and the immune system.)

Heavier Body Lotion

Dry skin is never fun during sweater weather, so during this time of year I start using a heavier body lotion daily. Though this does get me to use up project pan lotions, it does help to have a scent that you really enjoy.

Currently I’m working through my Sweet Pea lotions from Bath & Body Works, ┬ábut I love the fall line of lotions from them that also have pure honey in them. My favorites from that line are the Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte and Autumn Blooms, and I only got travel sizes because I wanted to test them out before I would buy a full size. Having one at your desk or in your bag that is your favorite scent helps not only ward off dry skin but helps a little bit with a positive attitude.

Entertainment of the Spooky Variety

I used to love watching 13 Nights of Halloween on ABC Family (now Freeform) but in the last few years they have become very disappointing when it comes to their selection. I love Addams Family and Hocus Pocus but they are not the only movies that you can watch for Halloween. Growing up with shows like Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Truth or Scary and movies like Teen Witch and Tower of Terror, have caused me to become reliant upon myself for quality spooky-tainment. Between myself and Sunshine, we have quite a Halloween movie collection. He has more horror movies and I have more family friendly ones, and of course the entire series of the Munsters.

Nightmare Freddy and Spookytainment
Nightmare Freddy looks ready for some spooky-tainment!

When it comes to reading, I am still working through Stacy Schiff’s Witches, but I have realized that I have a couple of spooky reads as well. Of course we have the staples: Frankenstein, Lovecraft, and Poe. We also have some newer stuff, like the Five Nights at Freddy’s novels, Welcome to Nightvale, and the Sweep novels. Having our own spooky-tainment helps when you can’t rely on regluar TV, or if you are like us and decided to cut the cable anyway.

The Color Burgundy

Burgundy Fall Flatlay Items

I have no idea why but I become almost obsessed with this color during the fall. From my makeup and nails, to my clothes I usually have the color burgundy somewhere around me. This color makes me feel confident as well as safe but it also may be because this the time of year where I need this color in my life. Reds are the colors of the Root Chakra and this is the time of year where it definitely comes into play as to feeling grounded and rooted into yourself and the world around you.

Cleaning Supplies

Pretty odd to have this on the list but I do major cleaning and decluttering in the fall.You can have your windows open and not worry about pollen that you need to clean. Also you are starting to switch out your summer clothes for something a little thicker and warmer so it is the perfect time to get rid of things that don’t fit or you just don’t like anymore.

This is also a great time of year to start doing energy clearing. Summer is usually a very stressful time of year for both me and Sunshine with our jobs getting busier and we do bring those frustrations home. During this time of year things start to slow and calm down, so it is a good time for us to get those frustrating energies out of our home so we can bring more positive ones in. Everyone has their own way of doing it, for example I really like doing some deep cleaning and also have a purification blend go through on my diffuser all day.

A great book to help is Debroah Blake’s book Everyday Witchcraft as it has an entire section of the book dedicated to cleaning, grounding, and protection you can do for your home during this time of year.

So these are the essentials that I have to make autumn more special and easier for me. What are your essential items?