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Trying Out Bullet Journaling

I’m a stationary addict. There. I said it. I have an obsession with journals, and it’s killin‘ my bank account.

I also strive to be as efficient and organized as I possibly can, and I always think I can do that if I had a new journal, or a new planner. No matter how often I try to keep with a new journal, I see something shiny and think I need a new one. For a little while I’ll fill it with lists, or try to make it a normal journal that I would come back to once in a while to fill in more, but sooner or later I realized I had too many and it wasn’t organized.

I’ve tried just about every organization system I’ve come across, and now I’m trying Bullet Journaling.

Bullet Journaling is a combination of a regular journal, a planner, and an organization system in one book. The best thing about it is that it is completely customized to you, and that there is no such thing as a mistake. Each page is blank and you have the freedom to whatever you want with it.

The idea of this appeals to me because I’m a avid list maker, but I also use regular journaling to help with my depression and anxiety, it would be a good place to have both so I can refer to just one place when I need to.


At the moment, I’m just starting out, but I’m already seeing a positive impact. I usually take a little time every morning before I go to my day job to set up my daily page and get my thoughts and plans together. When I get to work, I already know exactly what I want to accomplish and I feel focused, which is hard to do when working retail.

Over time, I do want to want to write updates on how this system is working for me and how I have it customized for my needs. Also, I will definitely be posting pictures on my Instagram, so don’t forget to follow me and keep an eye out!

Though I’m still figuring it out myself, the best video to learn about the Bullet Journal is from the creator himself!

Have you tried a Bullet Journal? How is it working for you? Do you post pictures of it on your Instagram? If so, let me know in the comments below with your Instagram handle so I can add you and see your amazing pictures!


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