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New Year’s Traditions

New Year's Day Traditions - Everyone has their different traditions for New Year's Day.

Happy New Year! Tonight the ball drops in New York City, and Facebook will flood with the phrase “New year, new me!” and we can all attempt to feel like the last year never happened.

Every country has their own traditions to bring in the year with hopes for the best. Even in the US, the traditions you follow for the New Year changes with where you are.

Today I wanted to share some of my family’s New Year traditions. Continue reading “New Year’s Traditions”

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Holidays Are Over – What To Do Now?

The Holidays Are Over Now What? - It's January 2nd and your last family member finally left. Now the house is a mess, but here are some ideas of where to start reclaiming your home from the holidays.

Is it over yet? Have all of the family members you never see left? Yes? Whew! Finally it’s time to relax, right?

Well, the pile of dirty dishes say no. So does the pile of dirty towels and bed sheets. It’s January 2nd, you’re home, the house is a mess, and Christmas decorations are everywhere.

What do you do now?

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