Though I’m not living in my small hometown anymore, I’m still a small town girl at heart. I’m still the bookworm that you used to pick on. I’m also still that girl that loves makeup maybe a little too much. And who ever said I had to stop watching Sailor Moon?

I am now 25, getting married, and living over 7 hours away from my family. I am having to learn all the things that my Mom and Grandma tried to teach me growing up but I never listened to. I left my hometown to follow my dream of becoming a writer and book editor, and a lot has changed since then. Now I am getting my feet wet with book editing, and using my blog to hone in on my writing skills using my own experiences as a base.

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For Business Inquiries:

Email: jessica.roadofasmalltowngirl@gmail.com


For book editing services please contact me through my Fiverr Page.

Books I’ve Worked On:

Danger Delivered: Warlock of the West Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 by Whit Bailey

Driven to Death by Elleby Harper

Undertaker’s Daughter by Elleby Harper