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Project Pan Goals for 2018

In my last post we counted 45 products that I finished or decluttered in the year 2017, leaving the last 43 items to be finished! As of now I have 43 items left to finish the Largest Project Pan Ever and I am hoping to finish at least all but the eyeshadows this year.

I want to take this last stretch of panning seriously and have some goals I would really like to accomplish. So this post will be more about my action plan and my monthly goals for this year.

I want to finish off all of my project pan lip products by the end of September. I have come to really miss wearing my red lipsticks and all that I have left in lip products are more colorful. They aren’t really work appropriate in my mind and I don’t often have time to touch up through the day, so it will be difficult to do it unless I am putting them on the minute I get home and on my days off.

I am going to focus a lot more on the Profusion Palette. It is still a lot of shadows and I want to finish off as many as I can by 2018. I do still have 43 shadows alone to go on that palette and it appears pretty daunting. My plan is to work through a lot of the neutral shades first because I can wear them daily. If needed I will bring in the face shades too, but other than using the bronzer in my eyebrows, I’m having a hard time using blush when I’m not wearing foundation.

The most difficult thing for me to finish are going to be the nail polishes. I’m trying to get myself into wearing nail polish more but with my current job, unless I redo my nails daily, the manicure doesn’t last very long. Which if you think about it is a good thing, but I have a difficult time getting myself to do it.

When it comes to being transparent, I should tell you. . . I bought a lot of products last year. 😦 So instead of just following the replacement only no buy, I let my old habits come back and start buying stuff when I was stressed again. This year, I am doing a full makeup no buy and am on a replacement only low buy when it comes to personal items (shampoo, skin care, etc.). Hopefully, I will have better luck this year, as I really have the image of a minimal makeup collection in my head as my goal. I shouldn’t have enough makeup for a fishing tackle box. That box should be used for fishing.

As for the thoughts of rewarding myself, I am not sure what my reward will be. It was originally theBalm’s Nude Dude palette but I am not sure I really want it anymore. I know I like using a lot of reds in my eye makeup as well as neutrals (anything colorful tends to either make me look like a raccoon or a demon, depending on who you ask) and have heard really great thing about Lorac palettes being great dupes for a lot of different shadows. So maybe that will become my goal.

Are you working on a project pan right now? Send me a link to your blog or Youtube! I love watching panning videos! If you are an Instagram panner follow me on my Instagram and I’ll follow you back!

What are your panning goals for 2018? Do you have a gameplan set yet?

See you soon,



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