11 Period Hacks That You Probably Already Know

11 Period Hacks You You Already Know

If there was a way to make a woman’s period easier to deal with, she would probably do it. Some of us have it down to a science, while others still struggle. After being diagnosed with Endometriosis at 19, I spent the last few years trying to make it easier for me so I’m able to function like a normal person during that time. These are 11 tricks that I found have helped me, that more than likely you’ve figured out too.

Investing in Reusable Period Product(s)

There are plenty of options when it comes to reusable products, like the Diva Cup, and cloth pads. It all depends on what works for you, but I can’t stress enough that you should do your research first. Research what is used to make the products you’re willing to try because your vagina is a part of your body which makes it important to you. You never know if you might have an allergy to a certain product unless you research it first. I started by watching ItsJustKelli on YouTube, and she does real-time reviews of reusable products to find what works for her, which means you do get to see the products in action with blood. So if you are squeamish, maybe that isn’t a good fit. She also has Endometriosis so her reviews were exactly what I would be looking for. Click here to check out her playlist!

Eat Bananas and Drink a Lot of Water

Both of these help with cramping. The potassium and B6 vitamins in bananas have proven to help when dealing with cramps, as well as muscle recovery when working out. Also your muscles can have a tendency to cramp even worse if you are dehydrated. Are they going to make it where you never have cramps? No, but they do help reducing the amount of pain you are in. This way you don’t have to be reaching for a endless supply of Ibuprofen.

Switch from Coffee to Green Tea

I know that sounds terrifying, but it does help. Menstrual fatigue is going to happen no matter how many Red Bulls you might drink to keep you going. Green tea has a lower amount of caffeine and is an anti-inflammatory, which not only helps with cramping but with your skin as well. Along with it’s many other benefits, green tea is better at keeping you naturally awake than coffee is.

Heated Throw Blankets Will Become your Best Friends

Heated Blankets are your best friend when you are dealing with horrible cramps.

A heating pad only covers one part of your body, where a heated throw blanket will cover larger portions. These are perfect for when cramps aren’t just in your lower back, but goes down your legs as well. The added weight of the blankets also help with body tension and anxiety. Usually stores like Target have their heated blankets on clearance around the end of February so they can start moving in on the spring items. Make sure that if you purchase one that it does have the ability to automatically turn off after a certain period of time, ones that don’t have a higher chance of catching fire.

Keep Comfort Food Handy

Though we all want to be healthy, but when you start craving there is no point in denying what you want. If you normally crave PayDays and Dr. Pepper, make sure you stock up just enough to get your through your period. If you want to go healthier and trade PayDays for protein snack balls, you can do that too. For me comfort food is ramen, so I always keep a pack in the house, or at least the ingredients to make it myself.

Keep Stain Remover Wipes in your Bag

Leakage is sometimes unavoidable. It can be that new pair of panties or even your favorite pair of pants, a stain will come. Something to keep handy is stain removing wipes or pens. Making sure you use cold water to rinse out the stain helps as well, but those are more for quick fixes on the go. At home, try to use a stain remover a soon as you are able to help break down the stain before it oxidizes and sets.

Keep Exercising

Though you may feel like you just want to curl up into a ball and watch Netflix for the next 3-7 days, exercise helps your period a lot. If your body feels really tense from cramps, try stretching out with some yoga. Feeling exhausted? Go for a quick run for that extra cardio burst of energy. If you really are going to binge watch your favorite show, look up a work out challenge associated with it or grab your dumbbells and do some curls while you’re waiting for that next plot twist. (Just don’t throw them at the TV when your favorite character does something stupid). A good infographic of what exercises help during each part of your cycle can be found in an article on Total Beauty.

Adapt Your Self-Care Bag for your Period

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about why I keep a self-care bag with me and what I keep inside. It is supposed to be adaptable to what you need, so changing it up for your period makes things easier for you on the go. For me I keep my back up pads, as well as Advil for when my period comes along.

Adapt your Skincare

Your skin does change with your hormones during your period. Breakouts, dry patches, and sensitivity can’t always be helped with your normal routine during your period. Multimasking does help with a variety of skincare needs at once. Sheet masks are always nice too, and you can put them in the fridge for a while to get the cooling sensation on your skin.

Keep Track of your Cycle and Symptoms

Keep track of your symptoms with apps like Eve

The best way to know when something isn’t normal is making sure you keep track of your cycle and the symptoms you feel before, during, and after. If I didn’t keep track of my symptoms, then I wouldn’t have ever realized that what I considered normal was actually Endometriosis.

You can use a normal calendar, but in this Smart Phone dependent world the app I go for is Eve. It has the ability to not only track your period but adapt to how your cycle is over time. It also has a log that you can use as a mood tracker as well as a symptom tracker, and it has a feature called Cycle Scope where it gives you a little insight as to what your body is doing in this part of your cycle. I love how it is customizable with it’s variety of gems but it also has a great community. Since it’s made by Glow it also has apps that pertain to pregnancy as well, if you ever need it, so your information is easy to transfer between apps! If you want to add it on your phone use my referral link here: **This is not a sponsored post and I am not receiving any money from the link. I just really like this app out of all the one’s I have used over the years.**

Don’t Forget to Love Yourself

It’s very easy to hate yourself and your body when you are dealing with bloating, hormonal acne, and fatigue. Don’t forget that during this time, and every single day of your life you need to love yourself. Read an inspiring book, or watch an inspiring movie. Just make sure that you don’t let yourself feel unloved for one moment of your life.

These are just what I have found works for me. What do you do to help? Even more, what is your comfort food during your period? Let me know in the comments below!


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