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Largest Project Pan Ever 2017 Update 1


I can’t believe we are already a month into 2017! As always the days of winter go by faster than you can expect and I’m honestly unprepared for spring to get here.

As you saw in my post last month on my Project Panning Goals for 2017, I have about 88 products left to use in my Largest Project Pan Ever. Most of these products are full sized with a sample every now and then, so this part of the project pan is going to get harder.

So far this month, I have only used up/decluttered 10 products. Most of these products are things that I would repurchase again after the project is over, or will have to repurchase because they are the last of a certain type that I have. I hope that you project pans are going better than mine, and please leave me updates in the comments!

CoverGirl CGSmoothers BB Cream in Fair to Light

This is the only item that I have decluttered so far, mainly because I’m tired of hating it so much. This is one of their earlier attempts at doing BB Creams and they didn’t do a very good job at it. For me it felt like they didn’t know the difference between sheer coverage and no coverage at all, because that was what I got out of the product. No coverage period. It didn’t achieve any of the things promised on the package and just felt weird overall on the skin. Though I would love to have  a good BB Cream on hand for days where I don’t have time to fight with foundation and trying to cover my acne 100%, this is a definite do not purchase for me.

Bath and Body Works Ultra Shea Body Cream in Sea Island Cotton

This has been my “Winter Scent” for the past couple of years and I always try to stock up on it during the Semi Annual Sale,  but since I am doing this project pan I decided to skip it. The main reason why I love this scent is that it smells like linens after they just come out of the dryer, or they’ve been hanging on the clothes line in the summer. It’s a warm and inviting scent to me and kind of reminds me of home. I’m pretty sure that I will continue to repurchase it until they decide to discontinue it.

Trestique Eye Crayon in Pink Pearl

I was so sad when I finished this one. In the end it finally broke on me, but the color was a perfect neutral shade. It was a very shimmery, almost metallic, champagne shade and would fit for almost any situation. Sometimes I would use it as a cream base for my eyeshadow, others I would wear it by itself. Having an eye crayon in your makeup  bag on the go is perfect because it doesn’t take to long to apply but also its easy to blend. When I’m finally finished with all of my eyeshadows, I will repurchase this particular color again, because I’m already missing it.

Three Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Samples

I’ve liked Smashbox’s primer for a long time because I love how it feels on my face. Though this specific formula isn’t best for my skin type, I do know that I like how this form of primer works.Upon application, my skin already starts to look matte, and my foundation applies much better. Also with my enlarged pores, this primer fills in the dips and smooths out my skin perfectly.  When I run out of primers, I will be purchasing more from this line of primers, but will try out the ones designed for my skin type.

Laura Geller Spackle Primer Sample

This is the complete opposite of the Smashbox Primer as it is a liquid shimmer primer, and it is horrible for my skin type. It didn’t feel right for me and my foundations are matte so they just couldn’t work with this primer. Might be a great brand, but this primer just isn’t for me.

Chapstick Medicated Lip Balm

I’ve had this Lip Blam for a couple of years now and it tended to go in and out of my purse. I feel more excitement for finishing it than using it. Though it is something I normally keep in my Self-Care Bag, I mainly use it all winter and especially when I’m sick. It isn’t something I will grab for the spring and summer seasons, but I will definitely restock next winter.

Hey Honey! Take it Off! Exfoliating Peel Mask

Though I like peel masks, because peeling anything is strangely satisfying, I don’t think this one did anything for me. Since it’s a chemical exfoliant, as most exfoliating peels are, I don’t think it helped very much with my skin even when I used it once a week. I dealt more with my skin feeling super dry after using than soft. Maybe it’s just that I see better results and just prefer manual exfoliants instead. Also normally this item alone runs for $25+, depending on where you get it, and I purchased it on a sale through IPSY. I don’t think I’ll repurchase this one.

And that is everything I’ve finished this month! Not as much of a dent in the list that I was hoping but, I’m definitely going to keep pushing over the next few months to get through more and more products.

How is your project pan going? Leave me a link to your updates in the comments below! Also follow me on my Instagram to keep up with the daily project pan updates!



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